You are probably thinking why should I hire the Saint Twins for my next corporate, college or private event? Well that is a good question. The Saint Twins know you have many options when it comes to hiring entertainment for your event. So here are the top 10 reasons why you should hire the Saint Twins for your next event.

1) The Saint Twins will make you look like a hero to your peers and your boss. They will come up to you after the event and tell you how much fun they had!

2) The Saint Twins offer not one, but TWO guarantees. First, if you are not happy with their performance, you will get the show for absolutely free. But that's not all, check out their second guarantee. The Saint Twins will mail you or your committee a prediction about a demonstration that will occur during their performance weeks before the event. During their performance, the prediction will be opened. (The prediction will be handled by you or a random audience member, the Saint Twins WON"T EVEN TOUCH THE PREDICTION!). If the prediction isn't 100% accurate, the Saint Twins will forfeit their fee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

3) The Saint Twins will help you make sure planning your event will be easy and hassle free. They will help you make it a lot less stressful and give you piece of mind so you can relax and have fun at your event.

4) The Saint Twins are absolutely unique! You won't find an act like them anywhere else in the world! They will bring a fresh, exciting, and different experience to your event instead of the same old boring entertainment your guests have seen hundreds of times.

5) The Saint Twins are easy to work with and very personable. No egos!

6) You are looking to get the best entertainment value for your money.

7) Unlike some entertainers who are hard to reach and unprofessional, The Saint Twins will give you outstanding customer service. Your questions, telephone calls, and emails will be answered professionally and promptly.

8) The Saints Twins can customize their performances to meet your specific needs and goals.

9) The Saint Twins TSP performance is fun, captivating, astonishing, and absolutely interactive. Your audience will be on the edge of their seats after the first 5 minutes.

10) The Saint Twins will make your attendees and VIPS the real stars of your event.
Audience leaves with a sense of wonder!
- The Sacramento Bee

Keen insight into human nature...mind bending brothers can get inside your head.
- The Orange County Register

The two mysterious and delightfully entertaining twin brothers... the Saint Twins are truly the next big thing... their names in big lights in Vegas not too far in the future!
- OCPC Magazine

Wow, amazing! You accomplished everything I wanted!
- Pasadena Tournament of Roses

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