Tell your friends about the Saint Twins

Do you have friends or family who are always looking for entertainment for their private or public events? Tell them about the Saint Twins. The Saint Twins are lucky enough to get a lot of referrals, so if you tell your friends about them and they book the Saint Twins for an event, the Saint Twins will send you a thank you gift valued up to $100!

Cut and paste the text below and customize it with the name of your friends and email it to as many people as you know who you think can use the Saint Twins astonishing entertainment services.

Subject Line: [[ friend_name]] check these twins out...

Hi [[friend_name]],

It's [[your_name]],

I just found a website I think you would be interested in. The website is about the Saint Twins; the world's first & only twin thought readers. They are amazing entertainers who perform an astonishing twin mind reading act all over the country and world for corporate, college, and private events. (You might also recognize them from TV!). Be sure to check out their website and think of them next time you are looking for entertainment for your event.

Here is their site:

Talk to you soon,


Audience leaves with a sense of wonder!
- The Sacramento Bee

Keen insight into human nature...mind bending brothers can get inside your head.
- The Orange County Register

The two mysterious and delightfully entertaining twin brothers... the Saint Twins are truly the next big thing... their names in big lights in Vegas not too far in the future!
- OCPC Magazine

Wow, amazing! You accomplished everything I wanted!
- Pasadena Tournament of Roses

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