Show Type

The Intimate TSP Show:
For 40 people or less. 25, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes long

Good for private house parties, board room demonstrations, restaurant room rentals, hospitality suites, small social gatherings.

Technical Riders: No stage is needed. A small sound system with two wireless microphones or 2 lapel microphones. Adequate lighting should apply to the performance area, and a minimum performance space of 12' x 16' is required.

Show Type

Stage Show 1 TSP Show:
From 50-200 people. 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes.

Good for corporate dinners, golf outings, country clubs, fund raisers, college shows, comedy clubs.

Technical Rider:
Buyer must supply a 12' x 16' riser with steps (larger if possible) center stage, a sound system with at least a 4 channel mixer and two microphones and adequate stage lighting. The stage is to be used exclusively for the performance, and can not be shared with musicians nor can it have a podium on it unless discussed with the performers ahead of time. Placing of lights and sound system is to be decided by the performers. No one is to be on the sides of the stage or back stage.

Show Type

Stage Show 2 TSP Show:
The Screen and Camera Show. Anything over 200 people. Up to 90 minutes

Requirements: Good for big corporate functions, product launches, award dinners, ball room rentals, theaters, comedy clubs and colleges.

Technical Rider:
Buyer to supply a 12' x 16' (or larger) riser with steps, a sound system (see above), stage lighting, a black pipe and drape backdrop the length of the stage and a minimum of one 7’ x 10’ projection screen with black side drapes, projector. Video camera, and technicians to run equipment. Technicians to supply will include: sound-man, minimum two light men, camera man and projectionist. The Saint Twins will also supervise the set-up of the sound system, stage location and lights.

Show Type:

Trade show booth:
Shows all day of trade show.

To create product awareness and overwhelming booth traffic with a custom script.

Technical Rider: Area facing trade show Traffic. Client supplies sound system, Performer supplies pre-approved script and trade show stand unless other arrangements are made.

Show Type:

Walk Around:
Max 3 hrs strolling mentalism. Price is per hour unless out of town.

Requirements: Good for large functions and cocktail hours. Not so good for large noisy functions with a very loud band in a very small room.

Technical Rider:
Nothing needed performer supplies all.

Additional Riders That Apply to Certain Events, Check with the Saint Twins if these Riders are needed for your event or not.

Stage & Seating (Refer to picture above with the rectangle being the stage and the circles representing tables):
The clean, level performance area must measure a minimum of sixteen (16) feet wide by twelve (12) feet deep. It must be clear of obstructions such as lanterns, cables, speakers, band or DJ equipment. The venue must be suitably heated or cooled (air conditioned) and ventilated. Important: Unless discussed with the Saint Twins ahead of time, the stage is to be used exclusively for the Saint Twins performance and can not be shared with musicians nor any other entertainers, nor can it have a podium on it unless discussed with the Saint Twins ahead of time.

To insure the best possible performance, people should NOT be seated behind the performing area as they will not be able to see the show. This area includes the areas at the rear sides of the performing area. Tables should be as close to the performing area as possible. Prior to the performance while arranging table locations, please take into consideration support columns as they may block some audience members view. Please locate the performing area as far away from the dining room entrance for the wait staff. If the entrance is located behind the performance area, it will be very distracting to the audience during the performance if people constantly use the door. You must either have a private room with a door separating the performing area from the other restaurant clients, or you must have made arrangements to take over the entire restaurant.

If the house does not contain fixed seating, the first audience row should be placed approximately (5-6) feet away from the stage with a clear path from the stage to the seats and an aisle running through the middle of the seating area to the rear of the house. If a dance floor is between the stage and the audience, please fill it with portable chairs. Please have meals concluded, cleared and the seats turned forward, before the performance begins.

Easy access from the stage to the audience is a must. If the stage is over 12 inches high, provide stairs that lead directly into the audience from the FRONT of the stage.

Sound System:
You must have a Quality system in perfect working condition, suitable for both speaking and music, including the following:

A) A mixer with accessible volume, EQ, Bass, and Treble controls.

B) Minimum of two speakers (placed at each side of the stage)

C) Two good quality hand held wireless microphones with new batteries and two (2) mic stands, as well as a lapel microphone.

D) Two stage monitors to allow stage volunteers and performer to hear clearly when on stage.

Important: Most professional performance venues have proper PA systems. Hotels and banquet halls often have systems with speakers mounted in the ceiling but these speakers cannot handle the requirements for this show and will not be used. If in doubt, please contact Mr. Adrian Saint or the Saint Twins representative prior to the show day. If these requirements are unavailable at the venue, other arrangements will need to be made with a PA system rental company.

Both a well lit stage and adjustable house lights are required.

Props: Five (5) chairs and a small table (card table sized) and a sheet of music stand (If available)

Access: Minimum of ninety (90) minutes for setup and sound check prior to audience arrival and/or the start of the show.

Dressing Room: Private and secure, lockable, lighted, suitably heated/cooled, ventilated room near the performance area is required with 2 chairs, a table, a restroom, and 4 bottled waters.

The Saint Twins shall be billed as "Mentalists" or "Thought Readers" or "Mystery Entertainers" or "Twin Sensory Perceptionists' or "Mind Readers." The Saint Twins shall NOT be billed as "Magicians"

Artist Can't Mingle:
Due to the nature of the performance, the Saint Twins will mingle with as few guests as possible prior to the performance. Aside from the person introducing the Saint Twins, try not to introduce any other audience members to the Saint Twins before the performance, as it may detract from the amazement of the performance. Prior to the show, the client shall provide the Saint Twins with physical assistance distributing the pencils and papers to each table or to each audience member. Wait staff, event staff or friends and family will be fine.

Artist Control:
The Saint Twins shall have total control over the production, presentation and performance of the show. The Saint Twins have the right to stop or cancel the performance due to any audience member physically or verbally disturbing the Saint Twins or any other audience members. The full fee will be due if the show is stopped and you can not remedy the disturbance.

No Video Taping: No part of the performance shall be recorded or allowed to be recorded on, but not limited to videotape, film, audio tape, or any other duplication process, nor shall it be broadcast or reproduced without prior express written permission from the Saint Twins. If any audience member has such recording devices, it will be up to the Client to remedy the situation. Flash photos are permitted on a event by event basis.

No Wait Service:
If the performance is with a meal, the best time for the Saint Twins to entertain is AFTER the main course, PRIOR to dessert. The wait staff should clear the tables and refrain from serving coffee and dessert until after the performance has ended. All table service shall stop during the performance, and the wait staff shall be required to LEAVE THE ROOM. This way there is no distractions by the wait staff. It is imperative for the success of the show that the Saint Twins have the full attention of the audience during the entire performance. If there will be a bar at the event, it is important that the bar be closed during the performance so people are not getting up and getting drinks, because that will send a psychological message to everyone in the room that they are no longer interested in the show. Also if the wait staff works the room during the performance, it will be up to the Client to remedy the situation or the performance will be stopped. The full fee will be due if the show is stopped and you can not remedy the disturbance.
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Audience leaves with a sense of wonder!
- The Sacramento Bee

Keen insight into human nature...mind bending brothers can get inside your head.
- The Orange County Register

The two mysterious and delightfully entertaining twin brothers... the Saint Twins are truly the next big thing... their names in big lights in Vegas not too far in the future!
- OCPC Magazine

Wow, amazing! You accomplished everything I wanted!
- Pasadena Tournament of Roses

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